Furore Normanum


Below are links to various websites that are related to LARP in North East England. Feel free to contact us if you have a related website and would like to be listed.

Ancestor Leathercrafts

A North East based leatherworker.


A black powder and intrigue fantasy game based in Manchester.

Battlefield Live: Modern Warfare

A combat simulation game based in County Durham.


Local North East based system.

Cities In Darkness

Vampire: the Requiem games running around the North East.

Durham University Treasure Trap

A university live roleplay group based in Durham.

Fools and Heroes Newcastle

The Newcastle branch of the Fools and Heroes live roleplay society.

Le Prevo

A suppliers of leather goods based in Newcastle.

Nerd East

North East LARP convention and kit fair organised by Durham University Treasure Trap.

Sanctuary Leathers

A North East based leatherworker.

Saxon Violence

A North East based weapons supplier.

Tall Tales & Short Stories

A story telling group based in Newcastle.

The Vikings

A useful resource website.

Viking Crafts

Replica historical artifacts.